As Went The Roman Empire So Goes The U.S.

Obama Administration Lifts 200 Year Old Ban On Women In Combat

The United States or more appropriately the United State since states rights were abolished by Lincoln, is paralleling the Roman Empire right down the line. From the massive militarism that, bankrupted the empire to the debasement of the currency and now the governments stamp of approval of women in combat on the front lines!  American supremacy is nearing it’s end as it should since American style Imperialism is not congruent with the principles of liberty and freedom on which this nation was founded anyway.

It’s not just supremacy that’s going to end, it’s the last vestiges of liberty and freedom along with a total collapse of our economy.

The US Congress has all but granted king-like powers to the presidency and the current president’s use of Executive Orders is unprecedented, undermining our representative form of government which, of course, has long since been abandoned as the legislative branch is much more interested in representing special interests than they are their constituents back home — albeit they, their constituents that is, do like it when their representative redistribute some of that money the government has stolen from the productive parts of society and sends it their way. This again, is very much like the Roman Empire who plundered other nations and brought home the spoils and taxes they collected from productive parts of the empire.

It’s no secret what happened to the Roman Empire but you’d think that it must be when you consider the close parallels that exist between it and the post industrial United State.  How could anyone who knows that history continue down the same path knowing where it will ultimately lead?

Good question. I suppose the saying that “man has learned from history that, man has learned nothing from history” might be the only answer which, is not an answer but only an observation.

Another saying comes to mind as well. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Both political parties are drunk with power which, is easily observed, especially during the election cycle when it became abundantly clear that the process is rigged so that only those who can be bought have a chance at being nominated. If you don’t toe the line, no matter how appealing your ideas are like, following the Constitution, cutting government spending and not being the policeman of the world, you will be called names and given all sorts of labels that have no bearing on your true character or your positions. Oh yes and lest I forget, the media will completely ignore you even when you come in second or third place.

The corruption though goes much further than the government, it goes to the citizens as well. Roman citizens living off the fat of other lands, eating and drinking the fruits of the labors of others… ah yes!  This was the life.  Americans are not much different. Far too many are looking for a handout and don’t believe in self determination, reliance or even responsibility and the government is more than willing to step in and usurp that responsibility as it ultimately gives them even more power to control almost every facet of the citizen’s life which, is exactly where we find ourselves in America.  We can do almost nothing without getting permission from the government and they tax and regulate us to death but I guess that’s what the people want because that’s what they seem to vote for every election.  You say, “not me!”  Really? If you voted for any of the final candidates of the two major parties then you are guilty. You don’t like that, well I’m not sorry because it’s the truth and if you haven’t come to realize that you soon will. I figured out about a decade ago.

And it’s not just the poor getting the hand-outs.  In fact the largest hand-outs are going to the largest corporations. Corporate welfare is all the rage with “too big to fail” businesses getting bailouts, farm subsidies and the like. Then there are grants and foreign aid and the list goes on forever, the government trough is empty but it doesn’t matter they keep handing it out like there’s no tomorrow and the way it’s going there may not be, at least not the tomorrow you were expecting.

So is there any hope?  Not much.  I believe it’s going to have to get much worse before people realize how wrong headed their thinking was about their government. And I have no doubt things are going to get a lot worse since those in power continue to do the same things as their predecessors that have led to our economic catastrophes as well as the unprecedented losses of liberty due to an insane foreign policy and massive militarism which is bankrupting the country. Warfare – Welfare is the policy of the two residing parties and both are guilty of both.

The Roman Empire ultimately failed and more contemporary to our time we saw the fall of the Soviet Union but what’s amazing that seeing these things first hand and knowing the history we continue down the same path of destruction. The Roman Empire never recovered and as with all empires we will not either.  Personally I’ll be glad when it comes to an end as what we have now is intolerable to me and should be to any freedom loving individual. Give me liberty or give me death was the rallying cry of the founders but I guess we just don’t have the stomach for freedom any more.  How sad.




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